Online Reputation Management

Develop An Online Reputation Management Strategy For Better Results

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the act of monitoring, addressing or mitigating SERPs (search engine result pages) or mentions in online media and Web content. It helps a business organisation in increasing or boosting up their sales of products or services in the online market. It also helps the business to increase the traffic of visitors on their website and hence, it will directly help you to increase sales. Generally, ORM or Online Reputation Management in Digital Marketing helps the business in the most effective manner as it helps them to avoid negative comments or feedbacks placed by the customers. The negative feedbacks and comments automatically degrade the reputation of the product or service in the market. Bad reputation means that the business is not up to the mark and it will directly affect the performance of the business and is not generating enough income. Here is the list of some of the reasons so as to why the reputation of your product or service comes down.

Why Build Websites is the right choice for Online Reputation Management ?

Reputation Monitoring
Build Websites provides you complete monitoring of your small business. We collect reviews from all of the websites and share them with you. We provide you daily alerts on your small business reputation management as well as weekly detailed reports so that nothing goes missing from your site.
Build Websites Collect Reviews from All Major Websites
From Yellow Pages to LinkedIn, Google, Yelp, Yahoo, Google+, Angie's List, Twitter to random Google reports and negative site listings, we target everything that is online and that can influence your business. Instead of the bad reviews we upload fresh and positive reviews that give small business a new and fresh boost.
Counter-Propaganda Strategy
Your small business can suffer severely if there is negative online propaganda against it. Anyone with an axe to grind with you can upload a negative feedback or worse can run an entire reputation damaging campaign against you. This is the time that you must take strong action and give a counter-propaganda strategy.
Testimonials on Your Website
We request all of your good and loyal customers to fill feedback. This feedback is published on the wall of their social media ( Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or whichever they choose) as well as on your website as a testimonial.
SEO and Reputation Management
With SEO, we make sure that all of the negative reviews, bad comments and anything maligning your name or business is moved down to the lowest search engine pages.The ranking will be so low that it will go unnoticed by the potential customers searching for you or your business.
Highlight Positive Aspects of the Individual and the Business
The posts, reviews and comments that appear on Google pages while searching for your business, as well as past comments, and, Facebook, Twitter uploads, do affect your business. The aspersions and slanderous remarks about your individual personality also put devastating effects on your business.