Description (Scope of Work)

Tradehaven is a global marketplace platform that specialises in the trading of items between user to user and also allows for buying and selling. We aim to establish a community where individuals can come together and trade with one another globally. Trading provides the opportunity for users to recycle unwanted items for items they do want through the use of exchange allowing both users to be happy while encouraging the reuse of materials rather than letting them go to waste resulting in a more ecofriendly environment, this also means that users can obtain other items without having to make purchases.

Tradehaven is a multi-vendor website which enable multiple vendor to sell their products in through this website. It also allows users to trade there product among them.

Technologies Used :

  •   PHP
  •    MySQLi
  •    AJAX
  •    JSON
  •    Payment Gateway Integration
  •    HTML5
  •    CSS
  •    JQuery
  •    JavaScript
  •    Bootstrap