How to Brand Your Ecommerce Website?

In current time online shopping is hitting its peak. Being a business owner if you don’t have a business website, then you are missing great opportunity for your business growth.

The main problem that stops many business owners from building their business website and branding it is that, they think branding is a very difficult task to accomplish. Though, with required knowledge it can be achieved easily.

Let’s have a look what is branding, how you can brand your ecommerce website and why it is essential.

What is Branding?

The most powerful marketing asset for any online brand is having a business website. A website always leaves the first impression on the potential customers. So, brands must ensure that their business website is branding their business products or services in the best possible way.

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business website which can never be ignored. The way your develop brand identity is what that can set you apart from your competitors. Moreover, branding helps business to build credibility and trust with the target audience.

Branding a business website is more than simply going for fancy designs, logos and fonts. It is all about crafting a consistent look and feel across the entire website that can showcase your company’s distinctive personality.

Need of branding for ecommerce websites?

For ecommerce website or business websites, branding is very essential that anything else. Actually, according to the experts it is most crucial, because, it offers a wide range of benefits to brands, such as attracting new customers, retaining existing consumers, building customer trust & loyalty, and improving overall business. People mostly misunderstand the effect of a good quality brand; hence to overcome that, you have to examine how trusted rebranding agencies are performing their task.

Since, today almost every company, from small businesses to multinationals, took their business online. Therefore, to compete with them, good branding is very essential. Else, your website may get lost in the huge ocean of digital world.

Let’s consider why one should focus on branding;

  • It increases the credibility of the website or the ecommerce stores
  • It transforms your regular outlet into a trustworthy brand
  • It brings a significant amount of organic traffic to your website
  • It saves time & money which is required to spend on marketing as well as advertising

Designing Website Layout Carefully

The thing that matters the most when it comes to branding is the website layout. Good website’s design can make your site look unique and also makes it functional and easily understandable.

For perfectly designing the website layout, one should consider:

  • The structure should be easy to navigate and use.
  • The layout should be visually appealing to attract new users and increase engagement.
  • The design must be responsive or mobile-friendly.

Impressive Logo Design

Branding majorly depends on creating a unique identity for the business. And, without a logo one cannot build a unique identity. That logo helps people to differentiate the brand from other companies, and it also assist company’s name to stay in customer’s mind. Moreover, a brand logo also conveys the brand message. Therefore, creating a memorable and impressive logo for the brand is very essential.

To create an eye-catching logo one must follow the below mentioned tips:

  • It should be simple: It should be understandable and easy to remember. Avoid too much colours or complex shapes.
  • It should be relevant: It should be relevant to the business’ unique values and prepositions.
  • Try using strong colors: Strong color combination always keeps the logo out from competition.
  • It should be unique: It must be unique and should not be related to any other.
  • It should be scalable: It should be scalable to be used in numerous sizes and platforms.

Color Palette

Choosing the correct color palette for your business website is very essential for branding. Picking the accurate colors can make a connection with your viewer, which will ultimately lead to additional conversions and leads. Though, selecting the exact color palette is not that easy. To achieve your goals, you have to consider some factors like the emotions that you want to evoke, the psychographics and demographics of your target audience, and the brand message you want to convey.

Let’s have a look on some tips for selecting the right color palette:

  • Take limited colors, maximum three or four. Numerous colors can make it overwhelming and can give a cluttered look to your website.
  • Use tools to make a harmonious colors scheme.
  • Consider using the brand’s colors only.
  • Use other colors versions to create incredible contrast.

Choose Correct Typography

The technique of positioning written language to make it readable, legible, and appealing is called as Typography. It involves choosing typefaces, point size, line length, spacing, as well as letter-spacing. The typography of your website says a lot about your brand and its aesthetic sense. It also conveys playfulness, professionalism, or other feeling that you want your visitors to experience. Thus, it is crucial to select the correct typography for your website.

Improve User Experience

To brand your business website it is very essential to invest your time and money on improving the user experience. It should be visually appealing and must have user-friendly interface that can make the visitors, spend maximum time in your pages to find the products/services they are looking for. Website with great user experience encourages its consumers to visiting the website repeatedly. Eventually, it improves leads and conversions.

If your website doesn’t offer a good user experience, then you will not get the fruit of the hard work that you put on SEO, advertising, marketing, and designing.


Another key to success for branding is consistency. Each and every page of your business website must reflect your company’s branding. Maintaining the consistency is very challenging specifically for those websites, which have multiple pages and web admins. Yet, by following the below mentioned points you can ensure your website’s consistency with company’s branding.

  • Pick and use same fonts, color scheme, and design elements on every page.
  • Don’t forget to add the brand logo on every page.
  • Match the website’s tone & voice with the company’s values & identity.

Creating the best Content Strategy

As we all know in digital world there is a saying that “content is king”. And when it comes to website branding this phrase perfectly matches. One of the most important elements of any website for its online presence is the website’s content which can make or break the chances of success.

For any business website it is very essential to create great content strategy. It should be informative, well-written, and engaging to grab audience’s attention and transform leads to conversions. The content strategy guarantees that the website is aligned with the business’s objectives and goals. Great content strategy also helps in keeping the content fresh as well as relevant, thereby motivating visitors to return.


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